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Jodapris Customer Care Solutions is a consulting business process
outsourcer providing customer service, sales, support,
and flexible business continuity.

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Agents on Demand taps into a vast network of enthusiastic brand associates across the United States and Canada, our flexible business model enables us to provide customer service on several levels–from steady state for everyday business to ready state for unexpected events to future state for long-range projects.

Rigorous processes ensure consistency and great customer service for our clients’ customers. These include: program strategy, technology, security, recruiting the right independent contractors with specific skills, educating them in a client’s culture, and investing in ongoing development. For every client we partner with, the goal is to create a seamless customer experience in its own image.

Our History

“Jodapris Customer Care Team Will Support Your Innovation with Excellence!”
Our story entails our journey since January 2016 as our founder and chief executive, Dr. Osako Marie Djemo, was raising 3 young children. She was looking for ways to coincide her professional life and motherhood. Long commutes, leaving children in day care, working long hours were no longer an option. She felt like she was working to pay for daycare. Something happen at work one day and she needed to stay home and since that day, she decided to work for herself. Her entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to go on YouTube to learn how to to build a website and start researching work from home opportunities.  She joined couple of platform and started to provide customer service support to multiple companies.

As Dr. Djemo just completed her doctorate degree in Business Administration specialized in International Business and Management. She brought to life Jodapris IMBS – International Business Marketing Solutions – and started combining marketing consulting  and customer support opportunities. Now the companies is offering services here in the United States, in South Africa and across the glob. Our team or customer services agents employees and  independent contractors are working diligently everyday to  power our clients and provide excellent  customer service support across industry supporting our clients and partners. We will be happy to support your customers today so you can focus on productivity. Contact us today!

Our Client Partnerships

The businesses we serve range from nonprofits to small and mid-sized companies to FORTUNE 500 corporations. No matter the size or industry, we strive to deliver great sales and service. Defined in their terms. Here are just a few.

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