Sales and Growth

Drive more sales to accelerate your Growth.
We’ve got the know-how to get you there.


Are you engaging and growing your customer base? Are you applying the right communications at the right time to unlock the full potential of each relationship?

Our business-growth solutions use proven methods for maximizing the impact of in-place communications channels while integrating a whole new playbook of sales-and-service strategies. All tailored to fit your specific business roadmap.

Sales and Growth Solutions

Working Solutions agents use client products and services. That way, they understand the value of the brands they represent, putting themselves in the place of the customers being served.
Inbound Sales
Drive revenue with qualified sales experts upselling and cross-selling your products and services. Focus sales by targeting buyer types. Align customer engagements, according to consumer personas.
Add-on Sales
Capitalize on buying patterns and existing relationships with your customers. Explore opportunities to expand offerings through new service channels and markets. Maximize stickiness to garner greater consumer loyalty, mind share and wallet size.
Lead Generation
Do due diligence to determine valid sales leads. Ensure that prospective customers are well-vetted and ready to buy. Be sure your sales and service experts have the right skills to move the process along. Increase the success ratio of calls made to sales goals achieved.
Special Programs
Customize workforce solutions for product rollouts or healthcare enrollment. Scale on-demand resources to handle sales and service needs outside of normal workloads. Increase your bottom line with skilled customer care tied to your company’s changing business or seasonal demands.
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Accelerating Growth

Building relationships with customers that know your worth.

Drive Sales

Tap our sales expertise to maximize revenue—inbound and outbound. On average, we deliver double-digit results, with increased cross-sales and upsales.
30% more business with higher close rates
20% improved add-on sales delivered

Retain Clients

Generate leads and retain customers with personalized service. Our agents identify with your customers, which in turn, deepens relationships, earns repeat business and strengthens your brand.
30% more qualified sales leads initiated
80% retention from repeat customers who believe and buy

Marshal Resouces

With our fast-flex solutions, you can rely on ready resources to handle your needs. Launching a marketing campaign? No problem. Shorthanded for seasonal spikes? No worries.
2 to 3 agents for every full-time equivalent
3X ramp-up ensures plenty of help on hand

Our solutions help maximize your revenue with proven methods for driving growth.